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Jacopo Poli inaugurates the first leg of "Impavidi on the road"

The Venetian Entrepreneur’s Courage

Enterprises, future and bravery are the three words often mentioned during yesterday’s meeting, Wednesday 5th July 2017, on the first stop of “Impavidi On The Road”.

Jacopo Poli together with Loreno Michelin from Birrificio 32, are the first two entrepreneurs who gave life to a cycle of presentation meetings about the book “Impavidi veneti – imprese di coraggio e successo a Nord Est”.


Jacopo Poli inaugurates the first leg of  Impavidi on the road

The book, edited by Cà Foscari in partnership with Alumni Cà Foscari, has the high task to narrate heart and soul of the venetian entrepreneurs.


Special thanks to Giampaolo Pezzato and Giampietro Bizzotto, book authours.

See the video interview by Jacopo Poli