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Grappa Dinner in London

Grappa tasting tour in the most famous clubs in London

La Grappa, already well known, is gaining value even in the kitchen, so much that it becomes the main ingredient in elegant dinners.

That’s what happened in London, at the prestigious restaurant "The tree gables Bath" which organized a "Grappa Dinner" for selected customers.

An unusual dinner, with a menu created specially for the occasion, which involved the use of Grappa Cleopatra as an ingredient in recipes and some drops of Sarpa between one course and another.

Grappa Dinner in London

The social life among the coolest bars in London was then continued by a dinner at The Gilbert Scott, known restaurant that serves typical plates of British tradition but revised appropriately. 

Last stop of the journey the wine bar Turi, Italian restaurant located in Putney, that celebrates the freshness of the raw material.

A week characterized by the union of good Grappa and good food.