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Cleopatra Prosecco Oro now available in Sweden !

The third and last born at Poli's now sold at Systembolaget stores

Bibendum, Poli's distillates official importer to Sweden, has recently introduced at Systembolaget, the government run alcohol stores, the third and last born at Poli's, Cleopatra Prosecco Oro.

From now on, lovers and wannabe lovers of this precious distillate, 100% made in Italy, will be able to avail themselves of the clean and fragrant notes extracted from the best Glera marc with Crysopea, the innovative vacumm bain maire still, built after a 5-year research with the Istituto Agrario di San Michele all'Adige.

Cleopatra Prosecco Oro now available in Sweden !

Two years have now gone by since the Poli Grappa Museum by the family-run distillery was opened.
More and more groups of swedish visitors have been visiting our premises in quest for quality and knowledge about Grappa, which has now only been distributed in the scandinavian country for a little time.

The Poli family has strived for over 115 years to offer the best quality ever to their customers: we wish all Swedes a heartly "Skal" and are sure they will be seduce by the scents and finesse of Cleopatra Prosecco Oro !!