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Article of American Wine Enthusiast Buying magazine.

The American Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide magazine, in the edition of September 2008, recommends some of Poli Distillates:

-PO' Moscato, the bouquet offers smells of tropical fruits and baking spice. Entry is minerally, pleasantly viscous in texture; the midpalate point is earthy, floral, stony and off dry. Finished gracefully, minerally and drier than the midpalate. Superb.

-Sarpa Riserva, the first nosing passes find aromas of green, red jalapeno peppers; aeration brings out woody notes and subtle scents of parchment and paraffina. Entry is pleasingly oily, off-dry and mildly peppery; the midpalate features tastes of oak, vanilla, butter and cooking oil. Concludes bitter sweet, oily, with a trace of black pepper but dominated by the wood.

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Article of American Wine Enthusiast Buying magazine.