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Article of American Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide magazine.

The American Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide magazine, in the edition of August 2008, recommends some of our distillates:

-Sarpa Riserva, a perfect grappa bouquet with aromas of ripe grapes, grape must, lead pencil, baking spices, black currants, jasmine and pepper. Entry is crisp, tart and intensely ripe and red berry-like; at midpalate the black grape feature is highlighted. Superb.

-Po' Pinot, the intriguing bouquet offers aromas that include leather, candle wax, flax and earthly scents of moss, grass, stone and damp soil. Entry is lusciously ripe and intensely grapy; the midpalate features the ripe grape element. Delicious.

-Barrique 1993, the fabulous bouquet features scents of friutcake, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey baked tropical fruit and vanilla. Entry is tight, concentrated and moderately spiced; the midpalate stage is spectacular as the tastes expand to include baked fruit, clove and fruit pastry. Elegant, classic.

Thank you for the attention!

Article of American Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide magazine.