The 114th year of distillation

On Thursday the 30th of August 2012 started our 114th year of distillation, a couple of weeks earlier than normal

This year, according to Assonenologi, in Veneto there will be 10% less grape production than in 2011. The cause of this shortage of grape is due to the prolonged drought that and high temperatures that has hit the whole country.

While the crop suffers in terms of quantity, as regards the qualitative aspect there are all the requirements for an excellent year. The month of September will be crucial to the outcome of the harvest. 

The 114th year of distillation


There will also be a price increase of the wines and grape-marc between 25 and 40%. 


From our side, we will do our utmost also this year to obtain a distillate that will meet the expectations of our customers.