Poli Location of the TV Series Süsser Rausch

Poli Distillerie are the main location of the TV series ‘Süsser Rausch’ (international title: ‘High Spirits’), which will be broadcast in two episodes on 16 and 17 October 2022, in prime time on the German channel ZDF.

Shot entirely in Veneto, against the backdrop of vineyards, villas and breath-taking landscapes, it tells the story of a family of Grappa producers and an inheritance hard to handle.

Poli Location of the TV Series Süsser Rausch

«Among the most challenging shots - reveals Jacopo Poli - there is a scene, filmed inside our cellar, which required an entire day of work by the crew. I can't reveal anything, let's say there were ‘fiery’ moments between the barriques».

‘Süsser Rausch’ was directed by Sabine Derflinger, co-produced by Bavaria Fiction and Mestiere Cinema with the contribution of the Veneto Region and the collaboration of the Veneto Film Commission.