Market Analysis: GRAPPA 2007

The Research Division of Dasa-Rägister Spa, an independent organization within the Management Systems Certification area, published in 2008 and important Market Analysis: GRAPPA 2007


At the question: "Which are the best seller Brands in your wine-shop?", the 27%, of the retailers interviewed declared: it depends on the costumer tastes; and just 3% of them claim custumers do not present any kind of preferences.


AMONG THE MENTIONED BRANDS, THE FIRST POSITION IS HOLD BY POLI DISTILLERIE GRAPPA WITH A 21%, afterwards comes Berta with 13% , Bepi Tosolini and Nonino with 6%, Sibona with 4%. The leftover 20% covers many brands (Bocchino, Maschio, Marzadro, Marolo, Valdotaine, Levi ...). someone with just a local or regional market.