Clement - Grappa Barili di Rhum

On Monday the 9th of March 2009, during the event “100 Vini Meregalli Toscana”, Jacopo Poli and Mattieu de Lassus -Clement's Export Manager- presented the new “Grappa Elevata in Barili di Rhum”.

This Grappa was born from the co-operation between the Rum Distillery founded by Homere Clement in 1887 in Martinique and the Poli Distillery founded by Giobatta Poli in 1898 in Schiavon.

Jacopo Poli visited the island and after tasting various Rums of this extraordinary Distillery chose some 200-liter casks that contained a Tres Vieux Rhum Agricole from 1976. In our cellars, they are enriching this memorable Grappa with unique aromatic notes.

Together with Marcello Meregalli and Mattieu de Lassus, Jacopo Poli invites you to discover the result of this unique co-operation.

Attached you will find a presentation of Grappa Barili di Rhum.