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An event on "barrels with a topic"

Allos Group Event

Last december 5th 2013, our Poli Grappa museum in Schiavon hosted a business game created by ALLOS GROUP (Allos, Nextep e zero12) based in Carmignano di Brenta (Pd).

This event aimed to introduce to new and old customers their vision about technologies and processes to enhance communication and cohoperation within companies.

Our museum framed this business game perfectly, offering emotions and an ideal place to come together.





An event on  barrels with a topic

The event, created by ALLOS GROUP, was about taking their customers through a path where they would stop at 5 different Grappa barrels, with each of these barrels featuring a different topic.

An ideal wat to create new ideas and to acquaint guests with new technologies.



A successful event, thanks to the cohoperation and skills of those who decided to take part to it.

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