Spirits in Villa

La Grappa Vicentina protagonista di una cena a Villa Capra la Rotonda

Being able to have dinner at Villa Capra La Rotonda, Palladian masterpiece, is not an everyday thing, indeed.

Presenting the artisanal Grappa from Vicenza as the main theme of a gala dinner, is a rarity.

Confartigianato Vicenza (Italian crafts confederation), in collaboration with restaurateurs and artisanal distilleries from the area around Vicenza, are going to organize an exclusive evening where Grappa will be the special guest.

During the evening, you’ll be able to visit the interior of the Villa and dine in the stables with a fine menu suiting everybody’s taste.


Spirits in Villa

From the aperitif to the coffee, our Poli Grappas will also take part in it, making this evening unique.

Spiriti in Villa
September 25, 2014, 
Villa Capra La Rotonda (VI)

Dinner and tour upon reservation.
Participation fee: 50 €, single membership

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