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Women's Entrepreneurship and courageous endeavours

Impavidi Veneti on the road at the Poli Distilleries

As first appointment of the summer tour, on Thursday June 28th we hosted the presentation of the book “Impavidi veneti – imprese di coraggio e successo a Nord Est” (Dauntless Venetians - Courageous and successful endeavours in the North East), published by Edizioni Ca’ Foscari in partnership with Alumni Ca’ Foscari, written by Gianpaolo Pezzato and the entrepreneur Giampietro Bizzotto.

Through the tour, what the two authors aim to do is contaminating the territory with a bit of that courage and passion which are the “leitmotiv” linking the fourteen enterprise stories collected in the book.

Women's Entrepreneurship and courageous endeavours

Lecturers for the night were: Ilaria Fabiola Tabone - Molino Rossetto Livio, Laura Bertacco - Officine di Cartigliano, Silvia Dalla Vecchia - OMP Group general Manager, Remo Pedon - Pedon Group, Gianpaolo Pezzato e Giampietro Bizzotto - “Impavidi veneti” authors. 

The moderator was Giovannella Cabion.