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110 e Lode Genova 2019

A new cocktail for the Vermouth Gran Bassano

On November 5th 2019 in Genova the 4th edition of 110 e Lode was held, the competition dedicated to the Italian barmen of 5-stars hotels.

36 talented competitors, 3 judges and an anchor man, Danilo Bellucci, make this event unique in its kind.

Exclusively for you the unpublished recipe by Bernardo Ferro, Bar Manager at the Hotel Le Massif in Courmayeur, who created a cocktail with our vermouth Gran Bassano for the competition.

Bernardo Ferro - Poli Grappa Cocktail


3,0 cl Marconi 46
4,5 Gran Bassano Bianco
0,75 cl lime fresh juice
0,75 cl Monin Agave Bio syrup
1 slice cucumber
3 leaves of basil

Dry lime, cucumber, basil, old fashioned glass.