A Woman at the Distillery

Women at the Distillery

In the history of
the Poli family, women
have always played
a role of great importance,
while remaining
behind the scenes.

They have been
the thin, but strong thread,
holding family and distillery
together for four generations.

From the great grandmother Maria,
who bought the “Al Cappello” osteria
in the January of 1885, site of the
distillery today, to Teresa, who
managed the business with courage
since 1976, overcoming very difficult
moments to give us a future.

Today Teresa smiles proudly at
the women she passed the baton
to, Barbara and Cristina.

Without them all, we would not
be here, talking about Grappa.

To Teresa and to
all the Women,
thank you!

You are the supporting
columns of our Life.

The men of the Poli Family
8th March 2021