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Poli Grappa's Tasting in Hamilton (Bermuda)

On Tuesday the 28th of July, Jacopo Poli leaded a Poli Grappa's Tasting in Hamilton (Bermuda) with the team of Gosling's Brother, Poli importer in the island.

It was a special occasion: on the 28th of July 2009 was celebrated the 400 anniversary of the Bermuda discovery.

In 1609, George Somers, Admiral of the Virginia Company, set sail from Plymouth, England on the Sea Venture for  Jamestown, Virginia. On the 25 July, the fleet ran into a strong storm, likely a hurricane. The Sea Venture fought the storm for three days then the Admiral spied land on the morning of 28 July… was Discovery Bay, in Bermuda.

Many thanks for hospitality!

Poli - Jacopo and the team of Gosling's Brother