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GRAPPA DEL MUSEO: 25 years of hospitality

When I was a little child, the school and the distillation season used to begin on the same day, the first of October.

I liked to study in the cozy warmth of the distillery, while Ernesto and my father were loading the grape-pomace in the pot-still. I believe that my great passion for Grappa history was born right there.

I started to collect bottles, books and documents, that I used to store in my bedroom. I learnt to recognize the real beauty.

Perhaps this predisposed my heart to meet Cristina, my wife.

I was then ready to share my life and my collection.

We watched together my old room, which had become a storage, and the idea of opening a Grappa Museum in Bassano del Grappa, our hometown, slowly developed. It was 1993.

On July 4th we opened the doors and immediately some visitors walked in.
It was a good sign.

GRAPPA DEL MUSEO: 25 years of hospitality

25 years after we believe we contributed to distil a drop of culture.

With this Grappa, obtained from a special selection of the best 25 batches ageing in the underground cellars of the Poli Distilleries, we would like to extend our deepest thanks to all of the visitors and everyone who walked along our side during this journey.

Buona Grappa to everybody!
Jacopo e Cristina Poli


GRAPPA DEL MUSEO is produced in a limited quantity and is sold exclusively at the Poli shops located in SchiavonBassano del Grappa and Venice (Campiello Feltrina - San Marco 2499), until available.

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