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Korea gets acquainted with Poli Grappa

Korean sit-com over at the Poli Grappa museum to shoot

Alberto Mondi is the name of the venetian guy who introduced Bassano del Grappa and local delicacies to the Koreans.

Alberto is one of the most appreciated protagonists of “NonSummit”, a popular reality show in Korea.

The whole group flew from Korea to Bassano del Grappa to meet Alberto’s family and Bassano’s very best food and drinks.


Korea gets acquainted with Poli Grappa

Being Grappa Bassano’s most characteristic delicacy, the crew stopped in front of the Ponte Vecchio and paid a visit to the Poli Grappa Museum.

Silvia, working at the museum, offered Elisir Prugna to the korean guests.

Cin Cin everybody, or as Korean people would say “Kong gang ul wi ha yo”.