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American magazine "Wine Enthusiast" article

In edition 15 December 2008, the American "Wine Enthusiast" magazine recommends:

-Jacopo Poli Arzente-Wine Brandy: the initial nosing passes find fetching scents of light caramel, brown butter and nougat; following aeration the aroma turns mildly burnt and slightly pipe tobacco-like. Entry tastes of cocoa and is very honeyed; the midpalate offers smoky tastes of brown sugar sweet oak, vanilla extract and chocolate covered orange. Concludes, semisweet, nutty and medium-weighted.

-Jacopo Poli Pere-Pear Brandy: the opulent bouquet features scents of pear fruit and nutmeg. Entry is ripe, properly acidic; the midpalate is pleasingly fruity, a touch baked and a bit minerally. Ends up medium-sweet. Elegant, true to the source and concentrated.

-Jacopo Poli Lamponi-Raspberry Brandy: the initial bouquet features scents of ripe, juicy, just-picked raspberries; following aeration the aroma turns jammy and concentrated, balanced by a brambly quality. Entry highlights more of the ripe raspberry fruit than jamminess; the midpalate features solid, authentic raspberry flavor with high acidity. Ripe aftertaste works well.

-Jacopo Poli UvaViva Italiana-Grape Brandy: the wonderful bouquet is delicately sweet with ethereal aromas of orange blossom, green melon and peach stone. Entry is sweet and properly acidic; the midpalate offers integrated earthy (flowers, grass) tastes. Ends gently sweet and delicately ripe. Fabolous.

-Jacopo Poli Moscato-Grape Brandy: mesmerizing perfuse of orange blossom and honeysuckle emerge from the grass; following aeration the aromas become a mix of orange, citrus, peach and tangerine. Entry is lusciously fruity, peachy; the midpalate is gently sweet with ripe fruit flavors that highlight the orange, citrus and tangerine components. Finish is succulently ripe with a riot of evolved fruit tastes.

-Jacopo Poli Ciliegie-Cherry Brandy: wonderful, delectable ripe cherry bouquet. The entry is perfectly balanced between ripe cherry and cherry pit with a dash of bittersweet juiciness, the midpalace is delicious. Concludes clean, semisweet, intensely ripe, round, smooth as silk and perfect.

Thank you for the article!

American magazine  Wine Enthusiast  article