3 facts about Amarone

07/02/2023 in Stories of Grappa

The wait is over: finally, the Amarone grape marc arrived at the Distillery! Maybe not everybody knows that:

1. Amarone is a passito wine: the grapes are left to wither from September to winter on some special grates named "arelle";

2. Amarone is obtained by grape varieties from the Valpolicella area (Verona), among which there are Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara;

3. the velvety structure of this precious wine is the result of an accurate selection of the grape clusters. The grape berries should be "spargoli", which means not too close; this will guarantee an optimal drying, which will give a higher quality wine.


Poli Grappa from Amarone grape marc, reminds of freshly squeezed ripe red grapes and a basket of almonds and walnuts. Warm and enveloping as a velvet jacket.


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